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Requesting showings gathers basic information about the person looking for a new place to call home.  The information is used to see if basic qualifications will be met.  Before requesting at showing please view photos and video tours of the property on the website.  We ask that you drive past and check out the neighborhood and to see if the home will meet your needs.  Then proceed with a showing request.

What we require from all applications:

  • Completed online rental application for each person 18+

  • Copy of valid, current government ID

  • Proof of Income

  • Rental History-Verification required


All Adults must Apply

All persons aged 18+ who will live or “stay part-time” in the property, must submit their own application and sign the lease if approved. All applicants must complete and sign their own applications-friends, family members, partners, and roommates must not submit applications on behalf of others. We cannot process any application if we find evidence that it was submitted by another person. Any application containing false information will result in an automatic decline.


Online Applications

All applications are done online, through the “Apply Now” links 

Please note: we do not accept guarantors or co-signers. Tenants must qualify on their own. If you will not live in the property, please do not apply.



All rental applicants must submit a clear copy of government ID. The ID must be current and valid, and all numbers must be clearly visible.



Review the pet policy

Emotional Support Animals are accepted with proper documentation


Proof of Income

We require verifiable income. 

Acceptable documents are:

  • 2 most recent pay stubs

  • Job Transfer Letter

  • Acceptance to University

  • 3 most recent monthly bank statements with deposit history

  • Most recent tax returns

  • If new job, complete employment verification such as acceptance letter.

If 3 or more adults will occupy the property, the income requirements are as follows (each adult must have income of at least 120% of the monthly rent amount:

  • 3 adults- Verifiable income at least 4 times the monthly rent

  • 4 adults-Verifiable income of at least 5 times the monthly rent

  • 5 adults-Verifiable income at least 6 times the monthly rent.


Credit History

MINIMUM CREDIT SCORE OF 600 OR A CREDIT SCORE OF O.We do not approve applicants with unpaid utility bills, unpaid landlord debt, unpaid payday/personal loan debt, credit scores below 600 or late payments in the last 6 months.

Both statistical and historical analysis has shown that an applicant’s overall credit rating directly affects the risk and likelihood of default, damages, and unpaid rent. Applicants with a lower credit score pose a significantly higher risk.


Rental History

We do not approve applicants with any evictions in the past 7 years. Rental History must be verifiable.


Criminal History

We do not approve applicants with a history of drug usage, possession, or distribution. Any illegal drug/controlled substance usage need not apply.

We may decline applicants with any sexually related offenses depending on the rental property location.

Felons will be considered after 7 years have passed from the time of restitution and the probationary period has ended.

We don’t approve anyone with active, unresolved criminal cases.



We use a rental application consideration system that takes all aspects of the application into account. We process completed applications in the order received. A completed application means all supporting documents were received. If one application is missing something, and another application comes in that is complete, we will process the completed application first. In the case of multiple applications, we reserve the right to accept the most qualified with respect to credit, rental history, income or employment history, and/or criminal history. 


False statements on any application will result in an automatic decline.


Application Fees

Application fees are not refundable. It is up to the applicant to submit complete, accurate, verifiable documents and information.

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