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Repairs, Concerns, & Questions

Before calling the office we ask that you drop us an email describing the issue that needs repairs when it occurred and if it is an emergency or if it can wait until the next business day.
Thank you for cooperation  
RRE Staff


Tenant agrees that if maintenance is requested, permission is granted to enter the dwelling to perform maintenance. Tenants will secure any pets/animals by kenneling or removing from the property.
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Pay your rent online Its easy

  A current email address will need to be on file with the office; as well as you will need a tenant account # to sign in. Please email the office and provide your email to be used. The office will email the account # to sign in. Remember rent is due on the first and needs to be made in one payment. The online system will only accept one payment for the full amount.  Partial payments can't be made thru the online payment system. 

RRE Message Board 


1. Please use the maintenance request form whenever possible.  Your request is sent over to the proper repairman and they have all the information needed to contact you with eta.  Plus by doing this we take the third person out of the mix; thus, eliminating the chance of misunderstanding. 


2. Don't forget to change the furnace filter, it needs to be changed often.  See the manufacturer's directions.   They will say how often to change them.   By doing this it will help your furnace and ac perform like they were intended to.  If you need help just let us know.


3. The City of Lincoln has a  corrugated cardboard disposal ban per municipal code 8.32. According to this code corrugated cardboard can no longer be mixed with regular household garbage. Corrugated cardboard is defined as three or more layers of paper with at least one layer of rippled (corrugated) paper. The link below is a list of city recycling drop off sites. We ask that you comply with code and help make Lincoln a  greener place to live.

After your initial lease signing & receive your keys please complete the Move Inspection form  Thank you.

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